McGeary Cukor LLC was formed to promote one professional goal: to work on matters that are as important to us as they are to our clients. This means developing client relations where our interests and the client’s interests are greatly aligned.

Experience teaches that clients hire lawyers rather than law firms. When a client engages our firm to represent them, the lawyer hired handles the matter. Our law firm model does not rely upon profiting from other lawyers billing time to a matter. Clients compensate us for the work we do for them, not for managing other attorneys working on their matters.

Our trial attorneys consider themselves aggressive litigators. Nevertheless, during the course of any litigation we work very hard to develop and maintain a professional and cooperative relationship with our adversaries. There are many good professional and philosophical reasons to do so. Ultimately, tribunals expect the litigants to cooperate and minimize the issues presented for resolution. Just as importantly, however, we recognize that cooperation minimizes costs, and keeps the tribunal focused on our winning issues.

Our billing practices are consistent with our professional goal. To achieve unity of interest with our clients, our engagements reflect a wide range of billing structures. Where the services are predictable, we provide flat rate billing depending upon the project, or, if there is some uncertainty, we may provide a “not to exceed” limit on our bill. In other circumstances, such as in certain litigation matters, we use partial contingencies or success fees. In matters where the client prefers hourly billing, we charge a very reasonable rate, which represents a substantial value to our clients compared with rates at many bigger firms. In all cases, we intend our billing to be completely transparent.

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